Seeking Your Soul-level Truth? Ready for Divine Unconditional Love and Wisdom?

If you feel the calling to live a more meaningful and passionate life, you're in the right place.  

Consider this your invitation to unlock the soul-level dimension of consciousness known as the Akashic Records (aka the Book of Life). Dr. Linda Howe's online on-demand "Akashic Records Beginning Plus Advanced Practitioner: 2 Classes-in-1" provides you with the tools to discover your soul's purposes -- and transform your life. The Records lend us exactly the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need, at this moment, in this lifetime. Your key is Linda's revolutionary Pathway Prayer Process© which transports you to the very heart of the Records. In the process of opening the Records for ourselves or others, we transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of Divine universal consciousness, in which we recognize our Oneness with the Divine at all levels. After that, nothing is the same!  

Why You'll Love This Class

- Make peace with past lives and clear unwanted ancestral patterns, - Find freedom from outdated ideas and resolve issues troubling you in this lifetime, - Ignite energy healing, - Unleash your latent powers, and - Awaken the wisdom embedded in the very core of your being!  

"Akashic Records Beginning Plus Advanced Practitioner: 2 Classes-in-1" is based on Linda's groundbreaking, award-winning How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey. THE book that introduced conscious, reliable access to the world community, through Linda's unique Pathway Prayer Process©. In this class, she introduces new students—and offers clarification for seasoned Practitioners—to the foundational principles and practices for empowering a connection with the Akasha. Her inspired, comprehensive curriculum has been revealed to her through her relationship with the Akasha and refined through her work with tens of thousands of students globally over the past two decades. Benefit from Linda's incredible insights, and engaging humor as she makes esoteric subjects understandable. This is a very special opportunity to master your skills in reading the Records for yourself and others, to match the deep desire in your heart to be of effective spiritual service!

This class is a special opportunity to learn from the actual video archives of all eight lessons presented by Dr. Howe in her Spring 2018 certification course. Because "Akashic Records Beginning Plus Advanced Practitioner: 2 Classes-in-1" is prerecorded and not live, you can disregard references to homework assignments and homework review sessions, guest lecturers, a student advisor, and a Facebook group. This is a non-certification class, perfect for students who enjoy learning independently, at their own pace. 

What You'll Receive

Access to 16 hours of pre-recorded class sessions taught by Dr. Linda Howe, leading expert in using the Akashic Records for personal transformation and empowerment

Lesson 1 - How to Read Your Own Akashic Records Lesson 2 - How to Read the Akashic Records of Other People Lesson 3 - Building an Akashic Records Practice Lesson 4 - How to Read the Akashic Records of Pets/Places/Even Plants Lesson 5 - Energy Healing in the Akashic Records Lesson 6 - Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns - Part 1 Lesson 7 - Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns - Part 2 Lesson 8 - Making Peace with Past Lives

✔ PLUS an introduction/frequently asked questions video specially recorded by Dr. Howe for the students in this class 

✔ PLUS lifetime access to the videos -- so that you are free to learn whenever it’s convenient for YOU 

What People Are Saying 

It is said that “each of us contains our ancestors and all the generations to come. When we free ourselves, we are freeing all of humanity.” This concept speaks deeply to me, which has been the primary appeal to working in the Akashic Records—to help reveal, heal, and release karmic ancestral patterns.

~ Linda S., Tucson, Arizona, USA

I have found my personal work in the Akashic Records to be an infinite resource for my own spiritual development. Every foray into the Records using Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process is a healing experience, as the prayer allows you to experience the energy of the Records and then to access information. You may have previously accessed the Akashic Records through your dreams, Reiki, meditation, or astral projection. Linda's instruction will provide a means to allow you consistent access to this spiritual dimension of consciousness.  

~ Karen L., Waco, Texas, USA  

Dr. Howe's method of teaching, including the Pathway Prayer Process, and working with the Records, is simple and yet powerful. One quickly realizes how special and sacred the Records are. The Records don’t disappoint. They deliver. They deliver healing, peace, and from that, hope. Using Dr. Howe’s method in accessing the Records and working with them have helped me and others deal with and even resolve issues troubling us in this lifetime, whether they originated from past lives or from this lifetime. I love this about Dr. Howe: She’s fully embracing her current human experience and offers tools for you to embrace yours too. 

~ Josee P., Saint-Simeon-de-Bonaventure, Canada

I now find myself going to the Akashic Records when I feel I need to ask questions I think I know the answers to, and find the answers are always different than what I thought. It is amazing. In the records...It’s as if the truth is never what you think it to be...I know I was in the Records because it always surprises me. The truth is bigger than my own thoughts.

~ Steffanie L., Garden Grove, California, USA  

With Dr. Howe’s expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that is both new and familiar, discovering my soul’s purposes and learning my destiny in its true sense. Dr. Howe is incomparable in her knowledge and her teachings have awakened me. This is the lifetime for me to manifest my true purposes and I am filled with light and gratitude. In many ways, I feel I have come home. 

~ Wendy M., Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA  

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About Your Guide

Dr. Linda Howe is renowned as the leading expert specializing in using the Akashic Records, the energetic archive of souls, for personal empowerment and transformation. By making her Pathway Prayer Process© freely available to all, she became the first person to bring widespread access to the Records to the world community. Linda is the founder/director of the Center for Akashic Studies. In her inspiring classes and award-winning books, she shares optimal ways to tap into the eternal wisdom of the Soul for practical application in everyday life. Linda's books include How to Read the Akashic Records, Healing Through the Akashic Records, and Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records. She is currently writing her latest book, on Manifesting. She holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Studies, with a specialty in the Akashic Records, from Emerson Theological Institute.