Manifesting Your Soul's Purposes Through the Akashic Records September 13 - 15, 2019

Rare Event with Spiritual Pioneer Dr. Linda Howe

You & a Friend Save $100 Each If Registered before Sept. 11!

Are you ready for your gifts to be recognized and enjoyed? Is it finally time to clear the blocks that hold you back from participating whole-heartedly in life? Discover for yourself the immense value of seeing and knowing yourself through the unconditionally loving lens of your Soul. After that, nothing is the same!


What People Are Saying...

"I have had so many, many manifestations coming true right after I have taken the Manifesting Your Destiny Through the Akashic Records course. I am very, very GRATEFUL for Dr. Linda Howe."  

- J.S.  

"Thank you so so much for organizing this event. It was truly life changing."  

- M.

"I now have problem-solving tools to peel off layers of old stories and thought patterns to ultimately align with my soul purpose. Day to day activities have become more extraordinary and flow with a special grace. Thank you, Linda, for your authentic presence throughout the course and your steadfastness in holding space for all 54 of us. It was an honor and joy to get to know you through your stories and teaching. Your teaching is a truth arrow finding its mark!"  

Blessings and Joy,